Wearing Midi Skirt Beautifully and in Style

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Wearing Midi Skirt Beautifully and in Style. Wearing midi skirt can be challenging for those who do not know how to look stylish. It is because midi skirt has the weird length. You should know that this kind of skirt has been the mode from 1940. It is the best style for the women who want to show their legs yet still look appropriate at the same time.

This is considered as the contemporary style because this kind of skirt will never be out of date. You can find that nowadays there are many designers that use midi skirt as the spotlight fashion. Keep in mind that this kind of skirt can be worn by any shape of the body. Yet, this may look inappropriate for the small women who are considerably short, since this skirt will make them look like even shorter. For those who are suitable wearing this, there are some ways that you can use.

If you want to wear the midi skirt in the formal occasion, like going to the office everyday, then you can choose the kind of skirt in A-line with the ruffles. You can combine it with long sleeve blouse. Yet, make sure that the blouse is tight enough. The loose top will make it look informal. You can also wear belt in the skirt.

The blouse should be worn inside the skirt, so that the belt can be visible. Make sure that the skirt and the blouse is in the same shade of color. Or, at least you should choose one of them that have neutral color. Wearing midi skirt like this can be combined with ankle boot for the foot wear. With that, you can be sure that you will get the things you need in formal look and look stylish at the same time.

If you want it to be more casual, then you can wear the midi skirt that is combined with loose top. The loose top can be cropped top. Or, you can also wear tank top. Another idea that you can get when wearing midi skirt is combining with long sleeve blouse. Make sure that the blouse is not too tight, so that you can wear it a bit loosely. The blouse should be worn inside the skirt. You can also wear the big belt in contrast color as the accessories. Make sure that the belt is the center point of your look that can balance the look of the blouse and the skirt. For the foot wear, you can wear wedges or platform shoes.

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