Vintage Skirts Inspiration for Classic Beautiful Look

November 7, 2012Posted by berthain Women Clothing

Vintage Skirts Inspiration for Classic Beautiful Look. Vintage skirt is a skirt that will make you look sleek and elegant. Vintage skirt is suit paired with a buttoned blouse with collar accent. You also can mix it with top that has matching color and pattern. There are several options for the vintage skirt fabric to choose from, including flowy, cotton, denim, and silk. Most contemporary skirts material feels light to wear. Especially for the full skirts were pulled up to women’s knees.

One type of the most popular vintage skirts is pleated models. Pleated skirt has been around since the 19th century in Europe. At that time, pleated skirt was almost always paired with a matching top, both in terms of motifs and colors. Why pleated skirt is so favored? That’s because the pleated skirt can create young, dynamic, and feminine impression when used, both short and long term.

Because the charming impression posed, often women like to wear pleated skirts in a variety of events, ranging from just hang out to formal occasion. Vintage skirts are identical with classically beautiful impression. But you can also make your appearance becomes more modern by mixing it with pastel-colored blouse that is currently the trend. For a fresh impression, do not be afraid to play around a hit-color! Pair with bold colors for accessories, such as handbags and shoes. Red shoes or a metallic bag will make you look fancy but keep elegant.

As for those who want to look sexy, wear a knee length vintage skirt which is a little wider. Pair with high heels which are not too high, only about 5 cm. This will make your legs look long and lean while walking. To highlight feminine look, just choose high heels that ends have almost spherical shape. If you want to look more and more feminine, wear vintage skirt with tiny detail.

This skirt model is suitable for tall women. As a complement, mix with color matching cardigan. Shades of vintage and feminine can you get at once. Many full skirts come with a unique classic belt. If you have a lean, flat belly, a blend of vintage skirt and belt will improve your appearance. However, if your belly is a little big, belt usage will only increase the volume of your belly. Knowing the type of skirt and how to mix and match it is very helpful to look beautiful and charming.


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