Twisting Comeback of Tunic Dress: a beautiful Twist

December 9, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue, Women Clothing

Twisting Comeback of Tunic Dress: a beautiful Twist. Fashion world moves so fast. Now-stylish fashion items would not last more than half of year. So sometimes stay up catching the current can be quite tiring. However, it is fortunate that the trend usually cycled and gain popularity again. Tunic dress, one of the timeless fashion items, come right in the spot and receives many attentions. It might be a popular outfit for one or two decades ago, but it is also popular now. The simplicity of the design, comfort it brings when it’s worn and other qualities of tunic dresses (and also some twist added into the latest tunic designs) make it a worth-to-look fashion items.

Compared to other dresses, Tunic dress is more ‘friendly’ for any body shape, as it fits every types of figure.  This quality make it is a must to have this item in your wardrobe.  It was indeed comparatively the same with caftan, as it was lousy, huge and not so attractive. However, the most recent designs of tunic dresses come with more fitted cutting, focusing on your body shape without overdoing it. It is actually very advantageous, as you can look great no matter what your body shape is. It also looks very feminine and lady-like.

The simplicity of the design also another advantage as it is very comfortable to wear. Spring and summer will be the best time for Tunic dress parade. You can enjoy the breeze, the sunlight, and the atmosphere of these seasons without cramped in something uncomfortable to wear. And yes, it is stylish and timeless. As mentioned before, you will surely look good on tunic dresses even when you gain weight a bit, pregnant, or even after giving birth. Wear accessories like necklace, bracelet hats etc to make your look more attractive, and you are ready to live your day to the fullest.

The twist mentioned earlier refers to some unique cuts of tunic dresses. One shouldered tunic, for instance, is a smart item to wear in hot summer day. It also makes a good choice to attend club or other formal occasions, dragging out your feminine and sexy aura.

For snatching the coldness of night, coat or jacket will do. Just make sure that you don’t look tacky and you will look fabulous. Trapeze cut also a great choice when you want to be fashionable by wearing Tunic dress in hot summer days.


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