Straight-Leg-Pants: Simple But Look so Fashionable

November 13, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue, Women Clothing

Straight-Leg-Pants:  Simple But Looks so Fashionable. Straight-Leg-Pants nowadays become popular after some years ago vanished due to it are categorized as too old for this most recent fashion.  Its arrival now has been spread perfectly all around the world.

This kind of straight pant is made from denim that is designed with straight model starting from the upper feet region up to the knee. At glance, the design of straight leg pants is so flat and straight from the upper to the lower part of feet. The main design of these pants is extremely contrast with the model/ design of Flare Levi pants in which the Flare Levi pants have larger part of design in the calf then it will extend and enlarge at the knee of feet.

The straight-leg-pants, different with Flare Levi design which is affected by the Period when the design is so popular at that time, have different styles. We all know that Levi has fashionable and most recent design compared to other designs of pants. That’s why it is commonly worn by most urbanity and also many fashion lovers to have trendy and modern style of clothing. Many Levi lover say that the use of pants reflect the character of someone who wears it.  Someone who wears Levi is so identical with sturdy. But actually, it is not true that wearing Levi has sturdy characteristic.  Actually, the pants are not the essence of main characteristic and style owned by someone.

Straight-Leg-Pants are really easy to be discovered.  Since it is made from denim, we can find out it at some denim factories. Someone who is recommended for wearing denim to represent the sturdiness and role will be advertised with this kind sort of pants.  It is because straight-leg-pants do not prioritize the style but it emphasizes more on the role and sturdiness as one of the main characteristics of denim straight-leg-pants.

This kind of pant has many variants seen from the color and size. Most of them are designed wit h colorful denim such as  red, blue, green, white, blue, purple, pink, and  many other color variants.  To make more fashionable looks, we can combine this kind of pant with other women’s outfits such as blazer, jeans jacket, leather jacket, trendy shirt, and many more.  At glance, it looks so weary but it will represent different and unique fashion style that may be a new reference for further fashion style in fashion world.

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