How to Make Varsity Jacket Customizable for Women

October 22, 2012Posted by berthain Women Clothing

How to Make Varsity Jacket Customizable for Women.

Do you have varsity jacket in your wardrobe? If you don’t, maybe you should get one since it is very sporty and trendy. Besides, it can be also an alternative of clothing for your outfits.

For your information, varsity jacket becomes a trend since the debut of movie “Grease” along with the popularity of women’s sport. After that, eventually a lot of designers design various varsity jacket for women.

The jacket, which can be worn for both men and women, is also very `in’ this year, even in the fall/winter 2012 fashion show, varsity jacket has been introduced again in various ways; however, if you, girls, want to wear varsity jacket, there are some steps to customize your varsity jacket to make it more noticeable.

When you decide to pick varsity jacket to be on your what to wear list, you can customize the jacket first by selecting your varsity jacket you want as a mirror to symbolize urban factors since there a lot of varsity jacket can be found at clothing store with different style.

Then, be a copycat by stealing the style of Michael Jackson, you can mix and match the jacket by giving it zippers on your sleeves, waist, rear, or anywhere you like so it will look much attractive. Next step is if you feel pretty boring with your sleeves’ cuffs and tend to modify it, you can change them with striped or any kind of wristbands. In doing so, you may select the fabrics, like terry one, then remove the old ones using scissors and change it with the new ones with a sewing machine.

Get also another look for your varsity jacket by playing with the zipper pull-tab, you can reset it with the one you want. Different kinds of zipper pull-tab can be obtained, and with that you can reset different pull-tab according to your personal desire.

Actually, there are various ways to create your varsity jacket depend on your creativity. You can steal your idol style and modify it to your jacket or you are also allowed to add some other ornaments to pair with your school color and emblems there. Therefore, for you who already have varsity jacket in your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to follow the steps mentioned before to make it more customizable, and for you who still don’t have it, maybe you can grab it now and see how the jacket gives you another look.

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