Four Types Of Boyfriend Jeans For Juniors

May 15, 2015Posted by vanitain Pants, Women Clothing

A boyfriend jean is not just a trendy new pant for adult females now. In fact, even children are using them to follow the trends, thanks to celebrity children such as Siri and the likes. Boyfriend itself has plenty of types that you can use in different kind of ways. If you want your children to be trendy and fit, you can follow these tips on how to style boyfriend jeans for juniors properly.

Boot cut Jeans

ripped pants for juniors Boot cut Jeans

The first style of the boyfriend jeans for junior is the boot cut jeans. The boot cuts jeans are rather slim at the top and the waist, but have a rather large opening at the bottom near the legs. This kind of jeans are really good if you style the in a southern way. You can combine the boot cut jeans with fringe top and also boots to create a southern comfortable style. To complete the style, you can even add cowboy hat to make it more adorable.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny boyfriend jeans for juniors have received a negative backlash from the people lately for sexualizing little girls. Even so, if you know how to style it properly you can have a look that is flattering to any girls. Boyfriend jeans are just the name of the brand, and parent should not fuss over it just because of the name. Skinny jeans are good for a casual style or when you want to doll up a little using baby doll or a halter top.

Boyfriend Skinny

Womens Jeans Slide for junior

Boyfriend skinny jeans are rather different than the regular skinny because it gives you more room. The fit itself is not too tight, so it is a little baggy. The best styling for skinny boyfriend jeans for juniors are casual. Thus they are good with just a shirt and a flip-flop in the summer or a pair of boots and parka in the winter.


jeggings for juniors

Jegging is a jean that looks like legging. The best way of styling this is to use it in a sporty ways. You can use the jegging with sporty jacket and also a pair of sneakers to make the casual sporty style. Jegging could be worn or your children’s ballet training or a sport activity at the park. Because of its thin texture, jegging is better to be worn in the summer rather than in the winter. There you go four ways of styling boyfriend jeans for juniors that is hopefully useful for you.


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