Four Styles of Sleeveless Dresses

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Four Styles of Sleeveless Dresses.
With fashion trends continue to evolve every second, it’s not easy to keep track on what’s hot and what’s not.

But one style that has been constantly become a lot of women’s favorite is sleeveless dress.

With endless designs, cuts, patterns, and colors to choose from, sleeveless dresses works for any occasion anytime.

All you have to do is choose the perfect accessories that flatter your sleeveless dress for the right event.

The Party Dress


For a night out, a bright-colored dress that is far from being subtle is a perfect choice, as well as a sleeveless dress with bold pattern. And because the dress itself has made a loud statement, you’d want to keep the accessories to a minimal. For example, opt for a gold or silver earrings and a clutch with neutral colors such as black or beige.

The Lunch Dress

Having a lunch with your girlfriends doesn’t mean you should slack off on your appearance. Try a black and white floral dress, and pick a bold color to accessorize. For example, pair the dress with red peep-toe shoes and a skinny belt of the same color to balance out the simplicity of the dress.

The First Date Dress

When going on a date, try to avoid any complicated outfits with loud colors, because you’ll want him to pay attention to yourself only, not your dress. Go for a sleeveless dress with lightweight material, such as chiffon that complements your figure in a calm color tone, such as mint green. For the accessories, you can wear emerald bracelet and ease down the bling with a pair of beige strap heels.

The Business Dress

A sleeveless dress is the perfect business attireas it shows professionalism and femininity. Choose a simple-cut grey dress and liven it up with a bright-colored blazer or a cashmere cardigan. Pair it with black pumps and a black leather tote bag.

Those are 4 styles of sleeveless dresses.


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