Top 4 Korean Summer Beauty Obsessions

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Presently that great climate is at last here in Seoul, the downsides are likewise once again with a retaliation, with temperatures soaring and dampness breaking in. To manage the sweat and frizz, Seoul ladies have as needs be been exchanging up their beauty administrations in their Korean summer beauty obsessions bibble.

Here are the main 4 Korean summer beauty obsessions :

1. Lash Extensions

In the summer, amplifications are prominent in light of the fact that individuals sweat a considerable measure and it is difficult to cake on the cosmetics. Besides, on the off chance that you get them, then you can maintain a strategic distance from potential smirching from mascara by skipping it out and out. Why not falsies? Enlargements look all the more genuine. As stated by the specialists, the pattern is not about enormous, conspicuous lashes, yet about quietly improving the eyes in a manner that looks 100 percent common.

To attain flawlessness, Miho, the eyelash enlargement chain counsels with every customer to plan state-of-the-symbolization sets of lashes that are the right length, width, twist and shade. One session (which keeps ticking for up to four weeks) times in at around ₩50,000 to ₩70,000 won.

817-11 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu (강남구 역삼동 817-11);; +82 2 393 0130

2. Special Grooming

Despite the fact that the waxing pattern has been around for quite some time in different nations, in Korea it has risen as a beauty wonder just as of late. Throughout the summer, more female customers strive for the full Brazilian

In addition standard two-piece wax styles, exceptionally molded waxes – like butterflies and hearts – are additionally sought after. Two-piece waxing expenses around ₩60,000 to ₩100,000 for every session.

3/f 22-13 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu (강남구 청담동 22-13, 3층);; +82 2 512 1162

3. Pore-Fection

In the matter of pores, toning it down would be best. When it gets truly hot out, your pores relax up that is the reason ladies fixate over their pores throughout the summer. While pore packs are nothing new, pore administrations are getting more expand. Accordingly, “It’s Skin” discharged their new three-stage pore product offering in July. A warming gel opens up pores to help the peel-off nose pack haul those zits out. A pore tightening cream finishes the administration.

The brand likewise offers pore purifying balls produced out of immaculate silk. Molded like cones, you are intended to absorb them warm water to relax them up and after that back rub away to get your skin squeaky clean. The zit clear pack costs ₩14,800. One pack of 12 pore purging silk balls costs ₩3,000. Sold at “It’s Skin” stores across the country.; +82 80 020 0186

4. Golden Girls

Tan is the new dark. There may have been a period when pale ivory was the “it” two-piece bod appearance in Korea. Not any longer. While tanning has yet to go standard in Korea, regardless it draws in a considerable summer swarm. Specialists suggests brilliant tan tones to their clients. The salon gives face veils in light of the fact that Korean clients have a tendency to just need to tan their figures and not their countenances. While Tan California offers both UV and shower tanning, UV is more famous on the grounds that clients can control the shade of their tan to make it darker and on the grounds that it endures longer. UV (tanning moisturizer included) costs ₩162,000 to ₩200,000, spread tanning ₩49,000 for every session.

3/F Keumho Building, 572-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu (강남구 신사 572-2 금호빌딩 3);; +82 2 542 5405


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