Masqueology Paper Face Masks: The Korean Style Paper Face Mask

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Superstars’ perfect and apparently age-resisting skin is more generally down to unmanageable facials than simply great genes alone.

Presently, another item guarantees to convey the same profits at a small amount of the expense. As of recently a colossal hit in Korea, Masqueology guarantees that their paper face masks offer comes about that you’d just typically get from expert spa medications.

Beginning at $24 for a set of three, the Masqueology paper face masks is due to hit U.S. stores in March, and will be accessible solely at Sephora.

Miles Lichterman, head working officer of Beauty Architects, the organization bringing the Masqueology paper face masks to the U.s. illustrated that the thought is pointed at time-poor shoppers, who don’t have room schedule-wise to set aside a hour for a fortnightly at-home excellence custom. In Asia, facial masks are a dime store item. In western business, they exist, however they have been covered up.

Magnificence Architects boss money related officer Phillip Ha, included:

‘If you look at trends in Asia, everybody is so busy, and it is all about being quick.’

Another playing point of the Masqueology item, its producers say, is that, being produced out of paper, it is less untidy than customary masks.

The magnificence idea is to a great extent new to the U.s. however is an enormous hit in Korea, where ladies use them as a component of their every day schedule. Sephora’s purchasers said they were attracted to the extent in light of the fact that the Masqueology paper face masks are so interesting.

Carolyn Bojanowski, chief of skin health management, told the exchange title: ‘Masqueology [is] bringing technology and ingredients from Korea in a line solely dedicated to paper masks.’ She illustrated that, in the same way as lipstick and nail shine, masks are handy extravagances that do well throughout times of subsidence.


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