Hologram Fashion as Futuristic Fashion Trend Summer 2013

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Hologram Fashion as Futuristic Fashion Trend Summer 2013.  It is so easy to know about fashion trend nowadays because what you must to do is just looking some celebrities’ style. They need to always update their fashion style so people will know that they always follow the trend. When we talk about the new fashion trend, you will find hologram clothing and accessories as the new fashion trend.

Actually Hologram was a trend of 80’s and today it becomes the favorite fashion style again. Rihanna and Kate Moss wear Hologram clothing in some events and it is the sign that Hologram style is coming back nowadays.


Hologram Clothing and Accessories Designers

There are some famous designers such as Jonathan Saunders, Burberry Prosum, and also Stella McCartney that work in this project. They are very serious to make something new with the hologram style. They also call that Hologram style will become the best style for spring and summer 2013.

They don’t only make hologram clothing but they also make hologram accessories and sandals as the best style for this season. Hologram accents can be used in some fashion stuffs such as clothing, sandals, shoes, bags, jewelry and some other things.

When we talk about Hologram fashion trend, we must also find some artists that wear hologram fashion in the important events in the world. You will just find some artists look so trendy with their hologram clothing and accessories. They can give good example how to wear hologram fashion stuffs and looks so perfect.

Celebrities and Their Hologram Style

Stella McCartney specially made strapless holographic dress for Kate Bosworth. Kate wore this dress when she was in SK II event several times ago. She looks so pretty with her dress. Kate Moss is no wearing hologram dress but she brings hologram clutch from Stella McCartney because she knows that hologram clutch is a trendy bag now.

Kat Graham is also pretty with Hussein Chalayan dress and Holograpic accent. We can still fin Cat Deeley who also wears hologram skinny pants for the special event. There are some celebrities that also wear hologram clothing and accessories. You who want to look trendy in this spring and summer season better choose hologram fashion trend as your best idea for your fashion style.

You still can search some other celebrities who wear hologram fashion, clothing and accessories now. For you who want to look like some celebrities with their hologram fashion collection, you better hunt for hologram clothing and accessories now. There are some fashion stores that sell some fashion products with hologram accents.

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