3 Ways of Sporting Jumpsuit Wedding Dress

May 16, 2015Posted by vanitain Wedding Dress

The traditional way for bride to attend their wedding is by wearing a pure white extravagant gown. But in the modern ways of life, women are not bound to the traditional values of the past anymore. In fact, the new trend in the wedding fashion scene is wearing jumpsuit to attend your own wedding. This action reflects the more modern and independent lifestyle of modern women. Plenty of wedding gown designer comes up with this kind of style in 2015. We are here to give you tips of three different jumpsuit wedding dressthat you can rock in your own wedding.

Elegant Jumpsuit from Temperley London

Elegant Jumpsuit from Temperley London for wedding dress

The first jumpsuit wedding dress on our list is the one from Temperley London. This jumpsuit is the very epitome of elegant meets modernity. The legs are made with a wide room and it reaches a floor length to give the illusion of an elegant wedding dress. The silky ivory texture of the jumpsuit is highly sophisticated with a halter neck that shows your beautiful back. It also comes with a really tight bodice that is good for skinny girls. The top is also accompanied by a really cute silver bow detail and also lace gloves that goes perfectly with whole design.

Victoria Ethereal Kyriakides Collection Jumpsuit Wedding Dress

Wedding jumpsuit from Victoria kyriakides collection

Victoria kyriakides is launching their new collection of wedding collection in which it includes jumpsuit wedding dress. Kyriakides’ wedding jumpsuit is highly ethereal, with transparent floral print as its main design. The top of the wedding jumpsuit is seeingthrough and yet covering enough that it creates an amazing silhouette. The pants itself is less transparent, yet it still looks flow and light with silk chiffon as the dominant fabric used in the design. The overall design is romantic yet arguably modern with a full coverage and sleeves.

Extravaganza Jumpsuit from Azzi & Osta

Extravaganza - wedding jumpsuit from Azzi and Osta collection

The last wedding jumpsuit from our article is the amazing jumpsuit from Azzi and Osta. It comes with a really long train in the back, covering the slim pants in the front. The top and the slim pants are made with a really shiny silk satin which shows plenty of sophistication and elegance. The drama would then be added by the long chiffon train in the back which resembles a really amazing gown. Thisjumpsuit wedding dress is definitely a great look for those who want their jumpsuit and their traditional wedding dress rolled into one elegant design of fashion.


3 Ways of Sporting Jumpsuit Wedding Dress Photos

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