Looking Casual with Beach Wedding Attire

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If you are looking for beach wedding attire, the following tips may help you. The selection of an outfit should be tailored to the theme of a nuptial. If one of your friends just told you to come to her beach wedding, then you should wear something casual.

Do not wear a formal outfit as it will alienate you from other guests. Do not scratch your head over a dress code. There are many options. Just take time to choose the most fitting ensemble.

Start with fabric. For an outdoor party, it is better to wear a light fabric. The options are endless, like chiffon, organza, and linen.

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beach wedding attire for men
beach wedding attire for bride
beach wedding attire

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If you prefer cotton as it absorbs sweat and breathable, then go ahead. It’s very uncomfortable bathing in sweat during a long haul. It not only leaves disturbing sweat marks, but also causes bad odor. For men, there are a lot of options as well. Linen pants feel so touchy yet comfortable. Wear a button down shirt for the top. Do you want to look a little formal with a suit? Though we agree more with casual outfits, choose cotton if you want to wear a shirt.

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Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Linen also makes a great material. Do not wear it too tight. It will be so uncomfortable wearing a tight shirt while soaking up the sun rays. Loosen up a little bit as this helps accentuate the casual look. Next, choose the right colors. Black is elegant, but it’s more fitting more a funeral. Besides, you may know that wearing this color in the sun is so unbearable. That makes sense because dark colors like black conduct heat well. Hence, if you want to attend a tropical party, never try to wear this color or you will feel like being baked in an oven. There are many colors that look more flattering than black. Try blue, fuschia, green, etc.

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There are many other shades that you may not be familiar with, but they turn out to be fashion standards. When it comes to patterns, you can go for stripes, polka dots, etc. Just choose to your heart’s content. There are so many patterns that work for nuptials. Floral prints are perfect for tropical weddings, anyway. Wear them to your friend’s wedding. Does a beach theme mean that we should rule out formality? If the couple wants guests to look casual, then you must obey the rule. Attire tips usually come along with an invitation. Or ask your friend directly about the recommended outfits.

Those are some good advices for you to choose the best beach wedding dress.


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