Top 8 Hair Color Trends for 2014

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In this article, you’ll discover some hair color trends for 2014 to help you discover the shade flawlessly custom-made to your identity and coloring.

Each time there is a season transform you ought to be contemplating changing your style. Staying aware of the most recent trends will help make you look advanced and new. Whatever your style, being innovative and diverse is the thing that you can explore different avenues regarding to get another look, one of them is by changing the hair color.

Big names are known for setting the most sultry hair trends. Each season a celebrity turns out with another color, or new haircut. For the most blazing hair color trends for 2014 incorporate ombré, platinum, dip-colors and splendid tones.

The most smoking hair color trends for 2014 :

1. Ombré hair color is even now popping up on red covers and hints at no winding down whatsoever. It’s an extraordinary color alternative for brunettes.

Ombre hair color

2. Platinum blonde hair is more prevalent than at any time in the past as blondes are selecting to go much lighter, losing the brilliant nectar tones for more cold, lighter shades. Keeping hair this blonde is high support, nonetheless, and won’t suit all skin tones.

3. Brunette hair appear exhausting, however the Duchess of Cambridge has made being a regular brunette more sizzling than any other time, as more ladies are grasping their characteristic tan hair color and popping it up an indent trying for rich, chestnut shades and caramel colors.

brunette hair

4. Balayage is taking the nation’s salons by storm and deals with all hair colors, however is particularly incredible on blondes with a wonderful base. I’ve been getting balayage for some years now.

5. Bronde or “brown blonde” is that impeccable shade between blonde and brunette that was first made prevalent in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and stays famous into 2014.

6. Red hair color is huge in the not so distant future, yet the colors that you’ll see range from astonishing rose golds to profound reds. The uplifting news is just about everybody could be a redhead, you simply need to discover the right shade.

Ariana Grande's Red Hair Color

7. Bright hues including streaks, washes of pastels, Kool-Aid hair color and more stay mainstream among the more youthful set.

8. Dip-dye hair color has seen no indications of hailing in ubiquity. Not only a pattern for youngsters, dip-color – in which the finishes are dunked in color, while whatever is left of the hair is left common – is popping up on ladies and men of all ages.

Those are 8 Hair Color Trends for 2014.


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