Top 5 Makeup Trends for Summer 2014

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Spring-cleaning may be about disposing of old apparel and giving your kitchen a profound clean, yet the extent that we’re concerned, summer is the ideal time to jettison your old makeup and nail shine shades. That is the reason in this article we attempt to provide for you some makeup trends for Summer 2014 to guide and motivate you through the Summer season.

Each season, an assembly of recognized creators utilize their instinct, innovativeness and masterful energy to dress the slope with molds that bring out the feel and vibe of the season. They surprise spectators with their inventive virtuoso and color the season with their style. Stay form forward by fusing these makeup trends for Summer 2014 tips in your look!

Some makeup trends for Summer 2014 that were perceived on inclines around the globe:

1. Eyeliner Art

Makeup Trend for Summer 2014 : Eyeliner art

Regarding the matter of applying eyeliner, scarcely discernible differences and the understated look are old fashioned. This season, eyeliner has gone realistic. Thick striking lines, precise shapes, straight flicks and lines reaching out outside the corners of the eye are all in. To get this look, it is essential to have a smirch free and enduring, coal black eyeliner. Try different things with gel based ones and fluid liners. Our most loved is Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal. We adore its profound color and backbone.

White liners and blue liners excessively were obvious on the slopes, a thick line highlighting the upper and more level lash lines.

2. Stunning Matte Lip Shades

Makeup Trend for Summer 2014 - Stunning Matte Lip Shades

Splendid, strong lip colors like orange, red and neons are making waves this season. Leave your lip shines at home as matte lipsticks are the fury this Spring. Brilliant lipsticks have a crisp summery feel and are extraordinary for adding a pop of shade to your face. Brilliant orange was a specific most loved on the inclines. Make this gaze work by dressing toward unobtrusive, light shades and keeping your face makeup to a base.

3. Shades of Purple / Blue Eye Shadow

Shades that light up your face are in. Lilac, lavender, purple, blue and pastel tones appear to govern the incline this Spring. A wash of shadow in these tints has supplanted the ‘smoky eyes’ look. To get this look, select peaches and other pastel shades. Go simple on the measure of eye shadow you’re applying. A light, obscured impact is favored over the dull, sensational look.

4. The Golden / Bronze Look

Makeup Trends for Summer 2014 - The Golden / Bronze Look

The tanned look has gone to the inclines this Spring and has made a moving makeup trend. Give your face an exquisite sun-kissed look by applying bronzer to your cheekbones. You can additionally choose an apricot peach become flushed. Daintily brush some powder onto your forehead also. To finish the look, apply a bit of bronze or brilliant eye shadow and your face will emanate a lovely brilliant tan sparkle.

5. The Natural Look

Makeup Trend for Summer 2014 - The Natural Look

The makeup trend that has taken the incline by storm this Spring/Summer 2014 is the crude, ‘flagrant excellence’ look. This little or practically no makeup look has made very much a blend and has staged a presentation in numerous manner shows. To get the perfect, generally adapted characteristic look, make utilization of concealers, lip demulcents, eye creams and temples gels. Stay far from dull eye shadows and bright blushes.

Those are some of the makeup trends for summer 2014.


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