Look Highly Stylish With Navy Pea Coat

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Look Highly Stylish With Navy Pea Coat.

Pea coat is one family member of stylish jackets.

Pea coat has several characteristics, including a wide and large collar, and double-breasted button. Typically, the size of the buttons is large enough.

Collar or wide folds around the neck is useful to keep the wearer warm in windy days or winter.


Pea coat name itself was appeared since 1717 ago. In the 19th century, this jacket usually worn by pilots. Pea coat is also identical with sailors. Pea coat is a classic jacket, but the model is everlasting.

This jacket is a great choice if you want to look ‘twin’ stylishly with your couple. Made of 80% wool blend with heavy sateen (100% polyester) on the inside, making this unisex coat suitable as warmer outfit. Pea coat also can increase your style and your couple. The classic and simple design characteristic makes a wool pea coat become a must-have item. You can invest this fashion item for a period of time. Material quality and durability as well as choice of primary colors which is easy to mix and match are some of the reasons why wool pea coat is worth the have. Pea coat is usually sold quite expensive.

At first, pea coat was only worn pilot or sailor man, now this jacket is perfect be worn by men and women. Simply adjust the size, navy pea coat definitely fits the proportions of your body. Simple design with 6-8 big buttons and pockets on the right and left are very practical and comfortable to wear in this season. Most popular pea coat colors are yankee navy, red, oxford, and dark. These colors will be easily combined with other colors. Pea coats are also easily paired with shawl or scarf, or any dress with any color inside the pea coats. For more than 200 years, pea coat remains superior in terms of aesthetics, usability, and durability. This is the outfit that will keep you comfortably go out in the winter. Wide collar is the key to keep you sheltered from the wind and snow.

Almost all pea coat is made of wool, coupled with large buttons. No need other decorative or even zippers. On the outside, there are 6 main buttons. Sometimes, there are 8. On the neck, there are buttons to associate the collar if necessary. Most people would rather unbuttoned this section in order to look stylish. In addition, there is also buttons on the inside to keep the pea coat look neat and comfortable on the body.

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