2013 Color Blocking Trends: Let’s Get Edgy Chic

July 12, 2013Posted by berthain Trends

2013 Color Blocking Trends: Let’s Get Edgy Chic. Spring fashion trends are on the way. For your information, there are various extraordinary trends that will make you think twice to wear. However, all of them are really worth to wear. One of the most gorgeous fashion trends in 2013 is the color blocking trend. You know, color blocking in fashion is something uneasy to do but you really deserve it for the upcoming spring season.

How to Look Chic with Color Blocking

Mixing and matching fashion according to the color is not something easy. You have to be able to select which color that will match well to another color. However, if you want to apply color blocking fashion trend, you should put the consideration of picking the matching colors as the second option.

What you need to do to look extraordinary with color blocking fashion trend is first you must consider the concept. Color blocking fashion trends in 2013 focused on warm, pastel, or bright colors. If you decide to go with warm color, there are some recommendations you should take.

The first fashion style is combining warm orange color with burgundy. You know, orange with burgundy sometimes do not match each other especially for sunny summer, but when you refer to color blocking trend for gloomy fall, those two colors will appear very perfect. The second fashion style is combining warm earthy colors with light ocean blue colors.

The color blocking combination of those two different kinds of color develop new edgy chic trend that will spoil the eyes of the beholders. On the other hand, if you want to focus on pastel color blocking, you will appear better with combination of contrast colors like mint with pink, nude with maroon, and so on.

Furthermore, you will still look great in bright colors. You can combine neon green color with orange or cobalt blue. It is okay to put various bright colors in one fashion style.

Another way to look edgy chic with color blocking trend in 2013 is considering the combination of patterns and materials. You see patterns and materials really mean a lot to color blocking fashion. You can take the advantage of different patterns or materials to be combined to develop stronger but more delightful color blocking fashion trends in 2013.

Looking extraordinary different in 2013 is a new fashion statement. You can always become the center of attention by wearing different fashion items. If you don’t mind to appear different in 2013, you can consider the color blocking fashion trends. Just remember that becoming extraordinary in fashion is good.


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