Tips for Simple Halloween Make-up

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Tips for Simple Halloween Make-upIt is almost Halloween! Some of you definitely have been waiting for that because you have been invited to Halloween party. Talking about Halloween party, just forget about being glamour and dazzling because it is all about being eerie yet still attractive. But, sometimes people manage their selves to be as scary as possible with complicated and tricky costumes and make-up. If you want to know how to get scary looks without any difficult tricks, here are some simple make-up tips for your Halloween party that will help you out. So, get ready for these tips and tricks!

First tips are stealing the vampire look. To get the vampire look, you can color your whole face in white and put your black eye-shadow to your eyes until they look totally black. Then, using red lipstick, you can make the ‘blood’ on the corner of your mouth.

If you want to complete the look, you can add fangs to your mouth, the fangs can be purchased at costume shops, and slick your hair back using gel. Want to dramatize the look? You can create V-shaped on your middle forehead straight to your hairline using thick black eyeliner or kohl. Voila! After you finish, you will be transforming from human to vampire. Then, the next tips are Frankenstein’s look.

What you need to prepare are black hair dye, hair gel, green dye for your face, black eyeliner, and a tiny cardboard if it is necessary.  So, first thing you do is to transform your hair into black using black hair dye then slick it down using hair gel. Then, you can color your face in green. To make it more Frankenstein, you can draw scars or sewn marks utilizing your black eyeliner and if it is possible, you can have Frankenstein’s large and flat forehead using tiny cardboard which is attached. Or, if you are bored with the ideas, another make-up tips that you may try is the wicked witch look which is also easy and simple.

Now, it is your time to do experiment with the tips above. Remember, you need to be confidence and daring to follow those simple tips for Halloween, since Halloween is one time chance for you to look different. Therefore, you do not need to be confused when preparing your Halloween party, because those make-up tips will be a perfect solution for you. Get ready for being spooky?

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