Reliable Dressing Tips for Short Guys

January 1, 2014Posted by berthain Tips

Reliable Dressing Tips for Short GuysFashion industry, especially which is concerning with male products, is dominated by the manufacturing of product for those who are tall. Short men are often considered to be less cool. However, if you guys are shorter than the average people, do not be afraid of not being able to be outstanding just because of your body size.

You can if you think you can, but you should not just think! It is a must for you to be careful of what you wear. Wrong clothes choice can make you look shorter than the real you. Therefore, here is a list of dressing tips for short guys to help you look better.

Choosing monochrome suits can help you look better in tall as well as thinner in size. Pick the tops and bottoms that have the same color family. The dark ones are preferable, but if you want to wear lighter colors (although the color choices are limited due to the same-color-family suggestion), it is better for you to keep wearing your dark-colored trousers to create lengthening illusion.

Moreover, in dressing tips for short guys, wearing vertical-patterned suits will also make you look better in length. It is a well-known fact that clothes with vertical stripes make you seem slimmer and taller, and those with horizontal lines make you look wider and shorter because our eyes always follow the pattern naturally.

Beside the clothes, men’s accessories are also influential in these dressing tips for short guys. Wearing common accessories like watch, belt, and tie is acceptable. Somehow, you must be aware that short guys are better to wear narrow or midsize ties rather than the wide ones. You must also choose narrow belts instead of the broad ones in order to reduce the horizontal line effect on your body.

Some additional accessories like hat and shoes with short heels can also support your appearance. These all suggestions will be more complete and make more effect on if they are combined with your short and tidy hair. Nevertheless, be confident and believe that looking good does not always mean taller.

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