Play Your Fashion: Fashion Tips for Slimmer and Better Appearance You Must Know

December 30, 2013Posted by berthain Tips

Play Your Fashion: Fashion Tips for Slimmer and Better Appearance You Must KnowFashion is more than what dress you wear. It is how you live as well as see life. In addition to this, how you wear your outfit is more than fashion itself. It must be adjusted with your body shape, color skin, occasions, and so on. Here are daily fashion tips for you to make it easier to dress fashionably in your daily life.

Playing color is very influential element in bringing fashionable sense in your outfit. It includes matching color on your clothes and also your skin that becomes the main attraction, your face particularly. Normally, if you have naturally pale face, you should not choose white clothes or accessories to wear near your face.

You must know and explore what colors look best on you. Choosing clothes or accessories in monochromatic with your eyes color will also be beneficial. Another color matter in this daily fashion tips is about the color choice on the suits. It is helpful for you who are not slim enough to wear suits with shades in a single color family as well as to try to limit the color elements in your outfit. This can create slimming effect on you.

The other thing is that you should choose soft fabric material for your clothes to create perfect falling effect on your body, and it will make you naturally more attractive than using stiff materials. Next, always consider what trend is spread nowadays, but also make sure to adjust the fashion trend with your body and the occasions. Simple black dress and white shirt are worth-having things for a woman since these can be appropriate for almost all occasions.

When you want to wear casual outfit, do not choose hemlines that stop in the middle of your legs if your calves are large and do not wear cropped pants if you are shorter. The use of these things will make you look way shorter. Moreover, avoid tucking your clothes in since it makes you seem shorter and heavier.

Narrow belts are better for your wide chest instead of the wider ones. However, definitely, do not be a fashion victim who is trapped in desiring fashionable appearance without thinking of your body shape. These daily fashion tips must make you able to always remember that fashion is more than what to wear!


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