How to Make You Look Taller by Fashion Help

June 30, 2013Posted by vomagzin Tips

There’s nothing wrong with having a minimal height. But sometimes you want also look having tall body and dazzle like a model.

Hey, shortie … no need to pout and envy to show the your style like a model. Fashion knows how to make you always interesting and fascinating, and you can also try some of these tips so that you look taller.

Do we have to wear heels?

Not always really ladies. Wearing heels is an additional option only. You are free to explore and mix match outfit with heels or flats. The important thing is just make sure you are comfortable and your feet are still free to move.

Well, there are some fashion items that they can make your body seem high, as follows:

Make Your Body Looks Taller : Flared jeans

Know whether flared jeans? Jeans are tight on the thigh and then widened its size below. Well, this type of jeans used to be very famous and worldwide. Almost everyone engrossed both short and tall style with flared jeans. This year, flared jeans are still being updated and a style that never dies the ages.

This design will make you look more slim and automatically look taller.

If you have large hips and thighs, you can disguise it with a choice of colors and patterns.

Make Your Body Looks Taller : Pale skirt

Choose a skirt or subordinates with pale colors that provide visualization tricks so that your body look taller. It should not always be the piece above the knee. You can adjust the comfort, but still mix it with the appropriate color.

Well, besides that, also make sure that the skirt color match with the color of the shoes you have.

Make Your Body Looks Taller : Waistband

Choose a skirt with a waistband that gives the illusion that you appear taller. It’s also well camouflage belly waistband so that your hips and stomach look slim.

Make Your Body Looks Taller : Short pants

Not all are fond of wearing it, but certainly short pants is one of the items which can give the illusion of appearing taller. Suitable for use in leisure time or a walk on the beach with maximum comfort.

Wear some sandals that open so his illusions seem more obvious.

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