Good Clothes for Good Impression

December 30, 2013Posted by berthain Tips

Good Clothes for Good ImpressionMany people believe that the way you dressed up will determine their impression towards you since it is much more influential to build their perspective of you. Some more people say that your clothes reflect your personality. Wearing good clothes can also show who you are and increase your self-confidence. For these reasons, it is crucial to know how to pick good clothes for you.

There are so many fashionable clothes sold in the market, but you need more than fashion. The first thing to consider if you want to be a good-looking person is what clothes fit you. Not all fashionable clothes are worth-wearing for everybody.

How to pick good clothes is the matter of choosing the right ones that suit you and flatter your figure. Thus, you have to buy the appropriate kind of clothes. Do not choose those that are too tight and short, because good looking comes from the fit. Make sure the clothes you choose are the good quality ones and they do not stretch too much.


The next thing you should concern with how to pick good clothes is your best parts of your body and your flaws. Choose the clothes that can emphasize your best parts and show impression of a really fit body. For instance, if you are not slim enough, one color tops and bottoms will make you look thinner, but you need to make some shades on the color.

If you have quite big waist, it will be better for you to avoid using belts. You must also be careful in wearing accessories since too many accessories will create the illusion of being too big to your body. Moreover, after buying the suitable clothes, people often forget to take care of the clothes. Do not let this happens to you. Read the instructions of how to take care of the clothing, including how to wash, dry, iron and keep them.


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