Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

December 14, 2013Posted by berthain Tips

Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women. For those slim and skinny ladies, choosing dresses or jeans or other kind of clothes can be so easy and please.

That is because there are many options that they can choose, and also having a slim and skinny body can make that woman feel free to express their feeling through their dress.

However, for those women who have plus-size body, it probably quite difficult to find the fit dress that can cover their big body perfectly. But, do not worry ladies, since the plus-size women also have their own beauty characterization, you should not feel shame with your body that God has given to you.

We have tips for you, the plus-size women, to choose the right dress or clothes that can minimize the big look of your body. The first one is that you should not wear tight dress or clothes since it will not make you look sexy like those skinny women, but it will show your body fat instead.

So, you better avoid wearing such tight dress or jeans or other clothes to minimize the fatty look of your body. The other things you should consider is that you better not choose the mini dress or shorts as well as tight dresses, since it will also show and expose your fat that will not make you look nice. Therefore, you have to avoid wearing both tight clothes and also shorts.

For you who have plus-size body, you can wear some dresses that a bit loose to cover your weakness. By wearing loose dresses you can minimize the fatty look of your body and get a nice appearance like other women. However, you should not choose dress that too loose since it will make your body look bigger. The next is that if you want to wear stripes dress, you better choose vertical strips rather than horizontal stripes, because it will make your body look slimmer.

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  • jennabennafofenna

    uh. this makes no sense. you show plus sized models in tight dresses, shorts and skirts. things you clearly assume ‘fat people’ shouldn’t wear because of their ‘weakness’. did the ugly a&f guy write this, or some miserable stick of an ice queen?