Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Kids on a Budget

October 21, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Tips

Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Kids on a Budget. Halloween is coming! And your kids look so excited with it. The problem is have you prepared the costumes for your kids for Halloween night then? Or maybe you still have no idea? Do not break your kids’ expectation to wear cute Halloween costumes just because you still do not know what to wear to them.

Here, there will be some easy Halloween costumes ideas which are on a budget but still look cute. The ideas will be a bit different from the traditional costumes for Halloween which always are always into goblin or witches theme. No, your kids are not going to wear that because the ideas are all about unique and creative Halloween costumes. You just need to prepare some old clothes and accessories set together with creative make-up.

For easy Halloween costumes, maybe you can try this construction workers idea. It is very simple and on a budget. Just prepare a plastic hard hat along with an old T-shirt. To accessorize them, you can add tools belt full of flash light or some other constructions tools, like screwdriver or tape measure or pliers.

Then, do not forget to put boots to complete the look and also make-up to maximize the image of constructions workers with maybe some dirt on your kid’s face. Another idea is mad scientist. You know that it is easy to create the look of mad scientist. You only need to set up white button-down shirt of your husband, some plastic animal toys, colored wig (if necessary), and accessories (rubber gloves or plastic measuring cup). The shirt should be oversized if you want to create a real scientist look, and the plastic animal toys can be attached to the shirt so it will look like crawling around the body. If you do not have the wig, you can play with your kid’s hair by making it messy. The gloves will also help create the look you want to your kid.

With these easy Halloween costumes ideas, you do not need to be anxious about what to wear to your kids, because the ideas are unique, on a budget, and just easy by using things that can be found at house. The key of it is only to use your creativity and imagination. So, if you want to save your money for Halloween, they are going to be a perfect solution for you.

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