Combine Your Christmas Party Dresses

November 29, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Tips

Combine Your Christmas Party Dresses. If you have lot collection of Christmas party dresses in your closet, do not throw it or buy the new one. Just use the old Christmas dress and combine it with new accessories, shoes or bag to make it looks different. With your own creativity and several tips below, you can have gorgeous looks in your old dress in Christmas Eve party and steal the attention of the crowd.

The first tip to mix and match your Christmas party dresses is to combine your dress with cat heels. The most perfect dress to be paired with cat heels is prom dress. So if you have prom dress from several years ago, you can take it and pair it with cat heels to have looks like Dita Von Teese. She always looks gorgeous in her appearance with prom dress and cat heels, so you will also never go wrong with it.

The second tip is to pair your little white dress with silver and red accessories. If you do not have prom dress in your closet, you must have had little white dress in your closet right? You can pair your white dress with red necklace and silver clutch to attend Christmas party in your office. Add black shoes with red sole to complete your look. You will definitely looks stunning in it.

The third tip is to combine your old embellished dress in your closet with high heels. If you have embellished dress inside your closet, you do not need to pair it with so many things. Black or gold high heels is already enough to complete your appearance.

Fourth, take out your one-shoulder dress. This dress will give you sexy and elegant look in the same time. You can add belt with beads to make your looks become more beautiful. Or if you do not have belt with beads, you can beautify your simple belt with brooch that decorated with precious stones. You can take a look at the Khloe Kardashian wedding gown to get some inspiration about the belt and how to pair it with your dress.

The last one, you can wear your old body-con dress to show off your body shape. This dress will be perfect to steal the attention of people who come to the Christmas party, because it will going to make you looks sexy and gorgeous without exposing too much areas in your body. It can reveal your sexiness without need to show your skin.

These are several tips about combining and making selection of your old Christmas party dresses, so you can looks beautiful and gorgeous without need to buy a new dress. You can also use your own creativity to create new looks that based on these tips, so you can get different looks for your old dress without sacrificing your signature stylish. Just be confidence and trying to have new stunning looks with your old Christmas dress!

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