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6 Useful Tips to Wear A Wedge Sneaker 

April 10, 2014Shoes Tips
At the point when a woman want to wear a wedge sneaker, there's fewthings she ought to understand. Ladies with bends and more full figures... more

Wedge Sneaker, The Return of the 90’s Platform Sneaker 

April 10, 2014Shoes
This season we see the reappearance of the platform sneaker from the 1990's, reinterpreted for up to date times as the wedge sneaker.Both... more

Tamara Ecclestone Added A Pop of Colour with Her Nike Free TR Pink Sneaker Shoes 

April 10, 2014Celebrity Fashion Shoes
Tamara Ecclestone has added a pop of shade to her easy cool look with these Nike Free TR pink sneaker shoes which emphasize a delightful... more

Wedge Sneaker as Fashion Footwear than the Athletic One 

December 23, 2012Shoes
Wedge Sneaker as Fashion Footwear than the Athletic One. From so many types of footwear often be chosen by female students, wedge sneaker... more