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Drop Waist Dress for Perfect Look 

Drop Waist Dress for Perfect Look.  Trend of dresses in contemporary era brings drop waist dress as one of popular items in a lot of... more

Tips on Choosing Footwear to Support Our Fashionable Look 

July 8, 2014Shoes Tips
Tips on choosing footwear will not be able to be neglected when we are dealing with fashion. For, fashion is something which includes... more

Look Glamorous With White Smokey Eye 

January 31, 2013Tips
Look Glamorous With White Smokey Eye. Eyes make-up which is in vogue is turquoise eye shadow and smokey eye. Smokey eyes have been a... more

Chic Look with Lace Blouse 

November 30, 2012Girl Dress Women Clothing
Chic Look with Lace Blouse. One of popular fabrics nowadays is lace. There are a lot of celebrities choose to take this fabric for their... more

Cowboy Haircut for Gorgeous Look for Men 

November 20, 2012Fashion Ideas Hair Style
Cowboy Haircut for Gorgeous Look for Men. Cowboy haircut is mostly associated with classic look like you usually see in old movies. Yet,... more