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Korean Pregnancy Fashion as an Option for Your Pregnancy 

September 7, 2015Dress Women Clothing
Is the issue of maternity clothing distressing you constantly? Are you wondering what clothes can you wear, and what types of maternity... more

Elle Magazine Names North Korea Chic Fashion Style As One of Its Top Fashion Trends 

January 22, 2014Fashion Issue
Vogue is clearly not alone in seeing the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as a suitable subject for fashion-related coverage. Elle... more

Samsung Cheil Industries Open Its First Overseas 8 Seconds Fashion Store in China Next Year 

January 20, 2014Fashion Issue
Korea's immense fashion retailer 'Samsung Cheil Industries', joins the worldwide quick fashion race with its first abroad 8 Seconds fashion... more

Snapbacks and Oversized Fashion: The Korean Youth Fashion Secret 

January 17, 2014Fashion Issue
Snapbacks have gotten to be progressively stylish around adolescent urban teenagers in Korea beginning in the mid-2000s, when Korean show... more