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Fashion Glasses Worn by Hipster 

April 17, 2015Accessories
Hipster fashion was first introduced in 1940s, and now it is followed by many people. Hipsters love to be different and unique among other... more

Eyeglasses, Everyone’s Favorite Accessory 

September 7, 2014Accessories Tips
Whether you don quirky chic opticals or oversized pilots, you're pushing eyewear trends – maybe unknowingly. It's true that eyeglasses... more

The Girls who Wear Eyeglasses should Avoid These 7 Makeup Mistakes 

June 5, 2014Make Up
It is a typical misperception that wearing eyeglasses exacerbates your eyes, to a point where you can't go without the glasses. There is no... more

4 Hottest Eyewear Trends to Watch for Spring / Summer 2014 

June 4, 2014Accessories Trends
The most recent eyewear trends for spring/summer 2014 have formally arrived, and there are a lot of styles for everybody! Ladies will swoon... more

HEV Sunglasses Helps Filter Out a Large Portion of UV Rays 

February 8, 2014Accessories
Most quality sunglasses today square essentially all ultra-violet (UV) flashes, yet numerous analysts now accept beams in the close UV... more