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Finding the Cheap Vintage Dress 

Vintage dress is actually the stunning fashion item nowadays. It is because the style of dress that was in fashion during 1940s to 1980s... more

Drop Waist Dress for Perfect Look 

Drop Waist Dress for Perfect Look.  Trend of dresses in contemporary era brings drop waist dress as one of popular items in a lot of... more

15 Tips To Wash Your Own Silk Dress 

January 27, 2014Tips
Silk is a fragile fabric and ought to be maneuvered carefully especially when you need to wash your own silk Dress. Be that as it may, it... more

Kelly Brook is Going Bra-Less in Her Vintage Ossie Clark Dress 

January 24, 2014Celebrity Fashion
She infrequently puts a foot out of line regarding her fashion decisions, and has well and without a doubt comprehended the craft of... more

The Green Maxi Dress Compliments JLo Olive Complexion Perfectly 

January 1, 2014Dress
In the past Jennifer Lopez has donned some exceptionally brave and just as uncovering outfits, be that as it may she is presently diverting... more

Tips to Wear Hawaiian Dress for Summer Season 

December 26, 2013Tips
Tips to Wear Hawaiian Dress for Summer Season.  All people will like to go to Hawaii. Hawaii is known with best beach and best view. All... more

Adele Looks Stunning On Her Jacquard Dress While Collecting an MBE 

December 21, 2013Dress
There is a period and place for a fit of the giggles - however accepting an MBE from the future King of England likely isn't one of them.... more

Four Styles of Sleeveless Dresses 

December 20, 2013Women Clothing
Four Styles of Sleeveless Dresses.With fashion trends continue to evolve every second, it’s not easy to keep track on what’s hot and... more

Right Dress for Right Moment 

December 12, 2013Girl Dress
Right Dress for Right Moment. Going to a party is something that can be so busy for women, since they should prepare not only the makeup... more

Tips to Choose Formal Dress for You 

December 8, 2013Tips
Tips to Choose Formal Dress for You. You must be able to differentiate between formal dress and casual dress. Some formal events will... more