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The Self-Expression and Art By Wearing Batik Wedding Dress in Your Big Day 

October 10, 2014Wedding Dress
Every lady has their fantasy wedding dress separately. Their fantasy wedding outfit is that makes them look delightful in the wedding... more

The Endless Possibilities of Wearing Batik Sarong 

October 6, 2014Fashion Ideas
Crosswise over numerous parts of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, an old coloring procedure known as batik is utilized to deliver... more

The Popularity of Indonesian Batik 

April 26, 2014News
Around the numerous tributes paid to Nelson Mandela (R.i.p), few have touched on his part as a fashion icon. But in Indonesia, where he is... more

Batik Goes Hollywood 

Batik Goes Hollywood. Since the 2nd October 2010, Batik has been admitted as the Indonesian Heritage. The characteristics of batik that are... more