Scalloped Skirt: A New Fashion Trend to Create Fascinating Look

October 3, 2013Posted by berthain Skirt

Scalloped Skirt: A New Fashion Trend to Create Fascinating Look. We all know that 2013 fashion trends has been announced in some previous time. Even so, it does not mean that there is no chance for a new fashion trend to pop up to public.

The proof can be seen in the latest scalloped skirt trend. This skirt can be explained as the one with scalloped design at the very lower part. For you to know, this kind of design is actually the one applicable not only skirt but also other types of fashion item. Although it is so, skirt is the most trending one right now.


At this point of time, there are quite lot materials used in creating scalloped skirt. If you ask about which material is best, there are some types that can be mentioned.

The first one is cotton material with solid color. This material makes the skirt to be so comfortable to use. Other than that, the solid color can make the skirt to be the center of attention in those who wear the skirt to make their fashion look beautiful. This kind of skirt is suitable to be combined for both plain and also pattern tops.

Other than cotton material, scalloped skirt is also perfect to be made from lace material. If the cotton material is suitable to be worn on a rather informal and also casual events, this one can also be suitable to be worn on the formal ones because of the lace material that add a value of elegance in the skirt. In order to create an even more fascinating look, dark lace material is the best to choose, including also black which is no other else but the darkest material. So, if you want to follow the recent fashion trend, trying to wear this skirt once in a while can really be something good for you to try.


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