Wrap Your Feet in Stylish Comfort with the Chic Wool Boots

March 16, 2014Posted by vomagzin Shoes

Warm and agreeable is dependably in style, particularly when winter winds start to blow. However the right boots can include a dash of K-Pop and KDrama style while keeping your feet cozy and snug. Assuming that you’re searching for approaches to wrap your feet in sharp solace, think about the chic wool boots that spruce up the feet of such a variety of K-Pop and KDrama stars.

Case in point, Park Shin Hye looked lovable wearing warm wool boots when she played the antisocial journalist and the young lady the bloom young men cherished in the dramatization “Blossom Boys Next Door.” She wore a mixed bag of toasty footwear while meandering down the vacation spot or toiling through the stormy roads with the blossom kid gamer played by Yoon Si Yoon.

Also Girls Generation vocalist Sunny has been seen looking fun and in vogue in lavender wool boots from Lebunny Bleu. The boots, which offer a tuft of feathery white, entwine an outfit that synchs shades of lavender and ash in geometric jeans and a striped sweater, then includes a brilliant sprinkle of red.

Not to be beaten, Kara’s Kang Ji Young additionally dresses for style and solace in ribbon up, wooly-edged boots. Here she combines her boots with a delicate white textured cap, plaid stockings and a hide trimmed layer for a fun, viable look.

Wool boots arrive in a mixture of styles, from calf-length to slip on to ribbon up. What’s more they’re extremely useful. Case in point, Lebunny Bleu’s wool boots are water-safe, delicate and flexible, a flawless approach to grasp your feet if you are taking a shot at a film set or simply running errands. Also its the best time to purchase them is presently as this cozy footwear is marked down.


Wrap Your Feet in Stylish Comfort with the Chic Wool Boots Photos

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