Wedge Heels Have Come Back

September 21, 2012Posted by berthain Shoes

Wedge heels become to be the trending footwear again for this year. This kind of footwear has been very popular for some decades ago, actually. For fashion is rolling time after time, then this type of shoes become one of the most wanted shoes which most people hunt today.

Wedge is a kind of heels which is shaped to be thin in one end and thicker at the other. This kind of shape which makes this type of footwear becomes so unique and different from the other types of footwear. Although it has been disappear for so many years, but today this become one of the most popular footwear especially for women.

Wedge heels becoming trending shoes again

There are so many advantages which we can simply take by wearing wedge heels. The first thing which we can get from wearing this kind of footwear is that we will be able to appear in our most fashionable look for this is one of the most trending shoes today.

Besides, this kind of shoes is really comfortable to be worn. It can be said so for even though this is included as high heels, but the shape of its heels makes us feel like we are not wearing high heels. This type of shoes will be very suitable to be worn by those who have a rather overweight but still want to be stylish and fashionable by being looked taller with heels.

Wedge Heels : fashionable but comfortable

We will not feel any uncomfortable feeling of wearing heels for even though this kind of footwear is able to support our height, but it is saver than those which are pointed. This will also minimize the risk for us to be slipped while walking on this kind of footwear. In sum, by wearing wedge heels, we will be able to be fashionable but still feel comfortable instead.

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