Vintage Shoes for Maximal Look

March 31, 2015Posted by vomagzin Shoes

As we know that there are so many styles in the fashion world, one of them is vintage style. Men and women, teenagers and elderly people sometimes love mainstream looks which are used by a lot of people as fashion that hit in the year, but not much of them like to be anti-mainstream. Some people think that vintage style is too old, but some other may think that it is a great style to be applied today. In order to complete the vintage look, we have to combine the clothes with fashionable vintage shoes.

Vintage style accentuates the style into its clothing worn, material of the dresses, and make up applied. But they are not enough without wearing vintage shoes to maximize our look in vintage style. Vintage shoes are not always leather boots with sallow colors which make us look like old rural people.

Today, there have been developed vintage shoes for modern wear following the trend in fashion world.


Oxford shoes are popular with edgy and vintage look. These shoes are suitable for your vintage style in order to maximize your appearance. You can wear oxford shoes mixed and matched with shirts, blouses, or dresses. These are good for semi formal and casual activities where you can spend time with friends or family, hangout in the mall, having coffee in the café, or just sitting down in the library reading books. Oxford shoes are usually available in short heels, it is good for those who are not common with high heels.

T-strap leather heels vintage style shoes

Besides their fashionable design, T-strap leather heels are also fashionable to maximize your vintage appearance. These shoes will be suitable to complete your mini dress. You can wear dress with vintage patterns and prints, like florals, polka dot, plain, etc. The simple design of the shoes will make the appearance cuter and feminine.

Trendy-Suede-Leather-Slip for vintage style

Loafers belong to flat shoes that are suitable for both formal and casual activities. You can combine them with jeans, blouse, skirt, trousers, shirts, or blazer to maximize the vintage look. Loafers are acceptable to wear in any places, like the office or just the coffee shop.

clogs shoes to maximize your vintage fashion style

And the last is clogs shoes to maximize your vintage fashion style. Clogs belong to wooden-heeled shoes suitable for women who like old-fashioned style. Mix and match the shoes with mini skirt or mini dress to give maximal look for the vintage style.


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