Unusual Shoes for Your Wedding Theme

February 28, 2013Posted by berthain Shoes

Unusual Shoes for Your Wedding Theme. From lots of wedding parties, the bride and the bridal, bridesmaid, and all of the guests who come to the party wear certain formal shoes or something that are usually wore in a party. Diverse shoes usually are appeared in such parties from high heels for women and leather shoes for men.

Sometimes shoes show what kind of person you are belong to, you may be belong to a high level person if you wear such branded shoes, or you are belong to a casual person if you do not pay much attention to the shoes that you wear. There are many opinions about shoes in a party. One person may say that shoes are important in a party, like a wedding party, in the other hand people may say that the most important in a party is the celebration itself, not what you wear even your shoes, it is fine when you wear converse wedding shoes.

In a certain case, it is fine when you wear unusual shoes in a party.  Let say that the party has certain theme that push you to wear such casual shoes, you want to do it or not, but you have to do it because it is the rule at the party. One of many trends of shoes wore in a party that is flow in the recent time is wedding converse shoes.

Wearing converse wedding shoes seems like you are crazy, but it is exist. This is an extraordinary way to go to a party wearing converse shoes before the converse shoes company persuade you to do so. Wearing tennis shoes in a formal occasion is not the standard way, but sometimes you have to do something like that if the party master ask you. Maybe the party takes a casual theme in the occasion, so you have to wear casual shoes instead of formal one.

This wedding theme never rely on a certain religion or community, it simply takes the less fashionable people in the western wedding or the common wedding that are usually held. It just the theme that the master of the party suggested to you, but if you are not enjoy the rule, you break them by wearing heeled shoes for female, and leather shoes for male. But, once again it is a new trend that you have to try because coming to a party wearing high heels is mainstream. If you want to try this theme in your party, converse wedding shoes is a distinctive way to celebrate your happy day.

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