Socks and Shoes Mix and Match

November 22, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Shoes

Socks and Shoes Mix and Match. Socks and shoes are two things that are inseparable. You should be able to mix and match them into the right combination. It is because there are some combinations that are not meant to be together.

Have you ever felt awkward in the wrong combination of your shoes and sock and end up being the weirdo in the special occasion you attended? It is a big no to wear the metallic socks with Prada high heel shoes. When it comes to the socks, there are many variations that you can choose as well. There are knee length socks or even the lower leg socks. All of them can give you the right look in the certain event and occasion. Here are a few tips that you can apply for the lowest fashion item.

Socks and Shoes: the Styles

For the shoes, in this winter time boots are actually the perfect footwear for you. However, there are some people who try to combine boots with socks. In this case, it is a big no for you to wear socks unless you wear the knee length socks with the right color.

It is recommended for you to choose the skin tight socks in knee length that comes in neutral color if you wear boots. Yet again, if it is knee boot that you are wearing, it is not recommended for you to wear socks, even the knee length one since people are unable to see what is underneath the boots you are wearing. Instead, you can wear legging as the alternative. Make sure that you choose the neutral color legging. Or, you can also consider using thigh heightened socks if you still insist on combining socks and shoes.

Socks and Shoes: the Combination

To avoid being mismatched, it is important for you to match the color of the shoes and the socks. For example, if you are wearing dark oxfords, heels, booties, or boots, it is recommended for you to wear the dark socks as well. Do not try to get the contrast look when it comes to footwear. Or, if you want them to look different, you can try different shades yet still in the same colors. Next, it is also recommended for you to not use heels combined with knee heightened socks. For the alternative, you can wear the kind of heel that can wrap around the whole area of the upper part of your feet. Those are the basic way to mix and match socks and shoes.

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