Platform Pump for Elegant Style

July 11, 2014Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Shoes

Platform Pump for Elegant Style. Platform pump is the kind of shoes that will give you the glamorous look. These shoes are predicted will be the new trend in 2013. Available in many colors, platform shoes can enhance your look with many variable colors.

You should also know that these shoes will give you the formal look. That is why it will be perfect for you if you wear this kind of shoes for wedding reception or gala dinner. On the contrary, you can also find that even these shoes are perfect for formal occasion; it does not mean that you cannot wear this for everyday use. For example, you can wear these shoes when you hang out with friends, gather around with your business partners, or such. Here are the types that you can choose for platform shoes.

Platform Pump: the Types

First, it is ivy colored platform pointy shoes. You should know that these shoes come in coral shades. This is the secured one, so that even if the heel is shape, this can be safe enough. You can match these shoes with legging, skin tight pants, tan colored dress, and coral dress. Next, there is also Qutiepie platform pointy shoes.

This kind of platform pump will deliver the classy style since it can be the best addition for sling back chic. These shoes are designed with rosette blossom and printed with reptile skin. You can also wear this kind of shoes for the formal occasion and can be matched with dress or gown. Next, there is embellished ribbon-tied platform sandal. This is actually the sandals, not shoes. Yet, you can find that this platform type will give you the sexy look and you can combine this with the sexy club outfit. These shoes are completed with rhinestones and silk strips.

Platform Pump: the Next Types

After that, you can also choose Annabel patent loafer platform shoes. This is the stylish and chic kind of platform shoes. If you wear these shoes, then you can wear it for the informal event. You can wear it when hitting the club, hanging out with friends, or just in a holiday. Last, you can find Urquiza loafer shoes. These shoes are made up of calfskin. That is why you should wear it with the outfit besides since it is completed without patent material. This pump has the light tones where the platform and the heel stacked. Those are several types that you can choose for platform pump.


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