Paul Smith Released the Chic Masculine Brogues Collection

January 9, 2013Posted by vomagzin Shoes

Fond it or not, it seems like masculine shoes are here to remain for the next season. Oxfords, combat boots, and penny loafers – whenever a man would use it, you’ll also discover it in the women’s department this fall. Even a well-known fashion designer Paul Smith has revealed the answer for women’s need for chic masculine design with his limited edition assemblage of brogues.

Influenced by brogue employers such as Fearne Cotton as well as Alexa Chung, Smith has cut into his menswear footwear assemblage and then interpret them from a different viewpoint for female clients. There are 2 types offered, Miller as well as Burton that are taken straight from the men’s assemblage and 5 dissimilar colors: blue, brown as well as red, green and also purple. That’s why the look is completely masculine.

Put on these masculine brogues with a vintage tea dress also opaque tights for a feminine image or choose for a smarter image with custom-made trousers also a nappy shirt. Your only problem is what color available. The stylist are winning the vivid red for a stir of color.

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