How to Look Chic in Ballerina Flats

December 16, 2013Posted by berthain Shoes

How to Look Chic in Ballerina Flats.
Ballerina flats or ballet flats are one of the most popular footwear in today’s fashion. Most women own at least one pair of these chic shoes and some may even own only this type of footwear in various styles.

It is a go-to look, especially popular for women who prioritize comfort, as well as the first alternative for sore feet after a long day of high heels.

But being as comfortable as they are, we often wear them without considering if they suit our outfits. While it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of cute ballet flats, you can actually look stylish in them if following this simple guide:

  • Ballerina flats look best when combined with outfits that show some skin. Wearing them with skirt, short, knee-length dress, or cropped pants that shows your legs is the look you should always prefer.


  • As the name suggests, ballet flats have flat soles. So, it’s not going to help elongate your petite frame. Which is why, you should opt for outfits with streamlined effect and avoid bulky layered outfits.

  • Not having any heels doesn’t mean ballerina flats can’t create an illusion of longer legs. Nude ballet flats can do the trick. Other way is to wear a stocking or legging with the same color of the flats.
  • Another good trick to create an illusion of height is to roll up your pants to just above your ankles. A tiny reveal of the skinniest part of your legs will make a great difference.

  • One more tip for petite women, who should be careful when wearing a pair of ballet flats, is to avoid the newest trend of harem pants. This type of pants is bulky on the hip and narrows down the legs, which makes the legs appear shorter than they really are.

  • Patterned ballerina flats are very stylish. Just remember to pair them with solid color outfits or one patterned-item only.

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  • Brian

    Great post and excellent advice on how to look chic. I’m not sure if I’ll ever look “chic” wearing mine but I certainly feel comfortable wearing these ultra feminine looking shoes.
    Thanks for sharing this post.