Amazing Heels to Complete Your Look on Halloween

September 22, 2015Posted by vomagzin Shoes

Are you ready for Halloween this year? Have you got your stuffs to celebrate Halloween party with your friends? You might need to prepare soon, because everybody is ready to catch her/his costumes. Halloween is characterized with scary costumes and makeup worn by children and teenagers. They may have complete their costume and makeup as well, but often they forget about their footwear. Maybe they don’t realize this, but for girls, it is pretty important.

Girls, these high heels below may become your favorite on Halloween party. They complete your appearance to make you more frightening and fashionable at the same time. Go check them out!

1. Heels for Halloween : American Nightmare

American Nightmare Heels for halloween

As the name of itself, these shoes really give nightmare for those who take a look at them. American nightmare is kind of shoes which have skull-printed pattern on them. These high heels are mostly available in the form of platform heels to ease your step and to make you more comfortable in wearing them. The red color makes you frightening and it must match your makeup and costume as well.

2. Heels for Halloween : Hangman Platform

Hangman Platform Heels for halloween

Black platform heels with white skull-printed pattern on will complete your appearance in this Halloween party. The black color will match your black makeup and black costume as well as it should be. There is a tiny skull broach on it which makes it special. Wear this platform with your costume and you will become the center of attention the whole night.

3. Heels for Halloween : Ironfists

Ironfists Heels for halloween

Well, these kinds of heels give you another look to become cute and frightening at the same opportunity. These have several eyeball-printed patterns with pink in color to accentuate your femininity. Mostly these heels are available in platform heels to ease your move and to make you comfortable with them. Because you should feel comfortable with everything you wear through the whole scary night.

4. Heels for Halloween : Movie Collage

Movie Collage Heels for halloween

These might be your best choice as the patterns show some scary movies upon your shoes. These heels are suitable for girls who have high attention in scary movies around the world, for example The Exorcist, Annabelle, Possession, Tim Burton’s movie, and more. These suit your appearance well in this Halloween party.

5. Heels for Halloween : Maleficent

Maleficent Heels for halloween

Adapted from a movie with the same name, Maleficent, these heels become the most elegant heels you should wear on this Halloween party. The stunning model of these heels will perfect your look, with the unique and proportional model for girls like you. The black color adds more perfection and elegance on your look.


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