Courtney Stodden Goes Tree Shopping in Her Houndstooth Leggings with a Mystery Man

December 24, 2013Posted by cyntiain Pants

It’s starting to look a ton like Christmas for recently single youngster actuality star Courtney Stodden as she went Christmas tree shopping Sunday with a great looking puzzle man. Courtney, 19, who broadly wedded then 51-year-old performer Doug Hutchison when she was only 16 years of age, looked as though she has joyfully proceeded onward as she and a more age-suitable suitor filtered the part for the ideal occasion improvement. Doug and Courtney published their partition on November 1 and marked a legitimate division on November 9. Courtney ventures out for the weekend undertaking inadequately clad, according to ordinary, and in full cosmetics with her recently brunette hair deliberately styled in long waves finished in houndstooth leggings.

Courtney Stodden tries on a Santa hat

The petite star of Celebrity Big Brother Uk wore a tight, dark turtleneck tank that exposed her midriff and accentuated her surgically improved cheast. She likewise wore high-waisted, skintight dark and-white houndstooth pants and wobbled along in her standard out of this world stage heels. She conveyed a hot drink measure in one hand and in the other had a Louis Vuitton satchel and a merry Santa cap that she and her companion alternated attempting on one another.

Courtney Stodden from back

Her unidentified, dim haired companion tried for a more repressed look, wearing pants and a dark T-shirt with a cream shaded sweater and dark loafers. He was all grins all around the occasion errand. At one focus, he put his arm around Courtney’s shoulder as they walked around and he set his active her hips as she energetically put the Santa cap on him. When they’d selected a tree, the pair hopped into his truck together.

Courtney Stodden in houndstooth leggings

Is this the begin of another, bashful Courtney Stodden? Only a couple of weeks prior (not long after part up with her ex Doug Hutchinson) she colored her hair a more develop shade of tan, and now she’s been seen out in this daytime proper outfit of high-waisted houndstooth leggings and a high-necked dark edited top. Correct her outfit was a touch scanty for the December climate and her boots were more qualified to a club than an enclosure focus, yet, this is advancement!

High Waist Houndstooth Leggings Pants

Here at Femail Fashion Finder we really rather like Courtney’s houndstooth leggings. Matched with the boots and on-pattern crop top we think they look rather cool and the houndstooth print gives them a keen feel. With Christmas very nearly upon us, the greater part of us have a ton of couch opportunity to anticipate, and what better to parlor around the house in than a couple of (elasticated waist!) loco houndstooth leggings? Assuming that you’re feeling overcome (and not wanting to stuff your face with turkey and chocolates) then match yours with a dark trim beat like Courtney. Provided that like us you’re wanting to carb-load a sheer dark shirt over a vest top might additionally look exceptional. Courtney’s leggings – from Omg Leggings – are just accessible in the US.

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Courtney Stodden Goes Tree Shopping in Her Houndstooth Leggings with a Mystery Man Photos

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