Black and White in Striped Pants

July 8, 2013Posted by berthain Pants

Black and White in Striped Pants.
After the hype of floral prints earlier this year, the newest trend that attracts the attentions of fashionistas all over the world is striped pants.

For monochrome colors fans, it is a perfect way to embrace your style because black and white are back. Striped pants can be the alternative for your everyday style.

This type of pants is great for a casual look, relaxing, traveling, or just hanging out with your family or friends. You can combine them with blouse, tank top, and also flat shoes or sneakers. But, striped pants can also be worn on formal occasions.

Combine them with shirt or blazer and high heels to create an elegant look. One thing to remember, avoid teaming striped pants with striped or floral top. This will make you look too messy and chaotic.

The best thing is to wear solid top with monochrome colors or other matching colors.

Wearing striped pants gives you edgy and unique look. They are perfect for people that are petite or have thick calves, because the black and white lines can give an illusion of longer legs. Striped pants are very versatile, you can mixing it in any way to create various styles.

Rock Chick Look

Pair the pants with oversized denim shirt or leather jacket to create a rock look. Or you can wear your favorite band T-shirt and slip on your Dr. Martens boots. So cool!

Preppy Look

Preppy look doesn’t always associate with plaids. For a different look, try mixing striped pants with white shirt and black sweater. This creates a monochrome preppy look.

Chic Look

The key to create chic look is by keeping it simple. Combine striped pants with monochrome colors blazer and high-heeled pumps. Don’t forget to add some simple accessories to liven up your look.

Sporty Look

Striped pants can also make you look sporty. Try mix and match with varsity jacket or graphic sweater, and a baseball hat.

Colorful Fun

The monochrome in striped pants doesn’t have to make you boring. You can combine them with bright-colored top or shoes for a fun look.

Whatever style you choose, don’t wear stripe-patterned pieces top-to-toe. Too much stripes can be unflattering. Always combine striped pants with a neutral or solid piece. Color is something you can experiment. White basically can work with any color. While black is more challenging, it is not a match for dark colors such as brown or navy. Mix and match through your closet can be a great way before taking your striped pants look to the streets.


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