Best Way to Wear Bling-Bling Denim Hot Pants

January 21, 2013Posted by berthain Pants

Best Way to Wear Bling-Bling Denim Hot Pants. From so many fashion items trending in the year of 2013, bling-bling denim hot pants is the one that you may not forget. At a glance, this denim fashion item looks very stunning and extraordinary.

Other than that, chic look can also be created quite easily by wearing these pants. Even so, wearing the pants should not be done carelessly because the main thing about wearing this fashion item is to make you look trendy. Wrong wearing of the pants will only makes you looks bad and away from stunning impression. The first thing you can do to wear the pants properly is choosing a pair of decorated denim pants which are not too tight because it is the most comfortable denim hot pants to wear. Even so, too loose pants are not recommended also.

If you prefer to wear the bling-bling denim hot pants with tee, you may not simply choose any type of tee that you want to wear. There is a type of tee that can make you look perfect while wearing the blinged pants. The tee meant here is nothing else but plain tee. As we all know, the pants are already decorated with bling-bling materials.

You have to know that the pants should be the focal point of your fashion look. Because of that, it is not suggested for you to wear any other tee but the plain one. The function is to avoid too fancy fashion look, which is of course bad. Other fashion item that can also be chosen as alternative to the plain tee is hipster poncho.

Other idea that you can use when wearing bling-bling denim hot pants is the use of non-metal accessories. Even bling-bling is the main theme of the pants you wear; it does not mean that you always have to wear metal accessories or the bling-bling ones. You have to know that there are some other accessories which are found to be best as complement of the pants. For example, there are quite a lot of bohemian beaded accessories that can be purchased easily in many fashion accessories store. Moreover, if you want to you can make the accessories yourself. Other than those, you can also create a best look in wearing the pants if you also wear the some long hoops accessories. Creating best look by wearing the pants can be done easily as long as you know about what to wear together with them. 

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