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The full Beard - Beard Styles For Black Men

Hottest Beard Styles For Black Men To Try This Year 

July 26, 2015Fashion Icon Trends
An important object for a good character is hair. While lack of hairs would also discomfit you at many places, you sure look nice-looking... more

Guide To Buy Swimsuit For Every Body Type 

The ways people are classifying women’s' body types are endless from hourglass, pear-shape, to inverted trapezoid. The obsolete body... more
Korean girl with gray hair color

Gray Hairstyle Trends Among Young Women 

July 22, 2015Hair Style
Slowly transformed into a darker reiteration, platinum hair was gray hair's closest successor. As the province of British hipsters, gray... more

Plus Size Swimwear Retro Style Buying Guide 

With the summer months coming, it can be discouraging and challenging finding the plus size swimwear retro style. But by learning these... more

The Best Swimwear Style For Small Bust For Making It Look Bigger 

July 18, 2015Fashion Icon
No matter what your supposed traits are, it is difficult shopping swimsuit for everyone. It can make a big distinction in how you feel in a... more

Swimwear Vintage Style Guide For All Body Shapes 

July 17, 2015Trends What's HOT
As long as you know what not to pull attention to and what you want to highlight, a bathing suit can be worn by everyone. A good start... more

Stylish Midi Skirt Trend 2015 

July 15, 2015Dress Fashion Icon
Wonderful midi skirts are going to be in fashion for this 2015 season. It is special with bottom design and retro feel. This style is seen... more

How To Wear Midi Skirt For Work 

July 13, 2015Dress Tips
There has been a comeback of the midi skirt for quite a few years now.  It actually involves a lot of consideration and time to get... more

Styling Guide To Midi Skirt For Winter 

July 11, 2015Fashion Ideas
A midi skirt is one of certain clothing staples that no lady can really live without. There are so many different ways to wear midi skirt.... more
Midi Skirt For Plus Size

How To Wear Midi Skirt For Plus Size 

July 9, 2015Tips
Dressing up is all about feeling excellent about how you appear for women. You will certainly appear excellent when you feel excellent. On... more