Watch Out For The Latest Korean Fashion Trends On The 3rd Korea Style Week

February 20, 2014Posted by vomagzin News

We adore Korean style, and we realize that Seoul is one of the most sweltering exceptional urban areas in the manner world at this moment, picking up media consideration everywhere throughout the globe. What’s more for great reason! From the lanes to the catwalk, Korean fashionistas and fashioners are making waves with their dissimilar looks and sweet styles that are all around seen on The 3rd Korea Style Week.

You may have caught wind of the under-representation of models of Asian plummet in American or European publications and runway shows. It’s just as of late that Fei Sun and Liu Wen from China, and Soo Joo Park from South Korea, are beginning to make it on the spreads of high form magazines like Vogue and Elle, and are gracing the runways of Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel and Victoria’s Secret design shows.

What is less known, then again, is that it is likewise regular all around Asia to see pictures of chiefly Caucasian displays in style promotions and on the sites of different architects. So while Asian Americans may feel that there aren’t sufficient individuals who appear as though them in the American media, those in Asia as a rule feel the same far as well. In any case on top of the budgetary blast and expanded perceivability of East Asian popular society in the west (to a great extent because of K-pop), there’s additionally a developing pattern towards utilizing nearby models as a part of Asia itself.

This change can particularly be seen in South Korea. The 3rd Korea Style Week, which ran from January 9-12, emphasized the Spring/summer 2014 accumulations of for the most part adolescent, best in class originators, for example, Water Bell and Bespoke on the catwalk, notwithstanding more created brands like the menswear mark, Alnis Tailor-Seoul. It was reviving to see Korean models strutting down the runway and exuberating trust. Specifically, Alnis Tailor-Seoul’s gathering of long layers and suits evoked a 1940s film noir feel while dissipating the myth that Asian men can’t be spellbinding.


Watch Out For The Latest Korean Fashion Trends On The 3rd Korea Style Week Photos

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