Korean Only Designer Lingerie Brand, Vina J Lingerie, Begins Crowd Funding Project

February 12, 2014Posted by vomagzin News

The only designer lingerie brand in Korea, VINA J Lingerie, begins crowd funding project with CRACK-ER, Fashion Crowd Funding Platform. Lingerie designer Vina Jung of VINA J Lingerie opens her new mass-line through CRACK-ER despite any precedent to the contrary, and tries to speak with clients in lingerie market which has been difficult to make open.

It is CRACK-ER where the new line of VINA J Lingerie opens. Split ER is fashion crowd funding platform for designers. Began in Aug. 2013, CRACK-ER is attempting to be a suitable answer for creator brands in South Korea. To take care of the issue of launch finances and stocks, CRACK-ER applies crowd funding platform to marketing methodology, which opens new outline and make a preorder before processing, with the goal that CRACK-ER can help planners keeps ticking accumulations and creation stably. These days, CRACK-ER is coordinating with 40 top architect brands in South Korea, and arrangements to run abroad with creators soon, and open new extend in expansive.

The collection lines of Vina J are propelled by universe of craftsmanships of Tim burton, a renowned worldwide film chief. Furthermore for the first line, she discharges ‘Fetish Boudoir’ around 4 lines. In the first line, She uses pop shades with immature, children’s story shade sense, and tries to adjust fluorescence color. Before long, different lines with geometrical examples in Tim Burton’s film will be discharged.

Indeed in South Korea, Victoria Secret, FIFI CHACHNIL and other lingerie brands are not new any longer. There is an architect who constrains out test to the lingerie business with loaded with multi-national brands. Her name is Vina Jung. She began undergrad school as a therapeutic scholar, yet dropped it and headed off to Paris to study design plan. It is well-realized that she is loaded with ardor for configuration, and lingerie.

As Korea’s first ever odesigner brand and as “design” lingerie, VINA J Lingerie surpasses the past impediments of lingerie in Korea basically as clothing and draws out ladies’ inward certainty and disposition through striking, fixation parts that express ladies’ longings. Vina J. Lingerie seeks after acknowledgment of ladies’ trust and longing. Through uniting dream situated craft onto definite style although boldy outlined gater cinchs and bustiers incite men’s dream. Uniquely fitted corests satisfied ladies’ craving for both solace and excellence.

Each one line of Vina J Lingerie is extraordinarily made with unique parts that move certain and forcing state of mind, each clothing delicately grasps distinctive clients with custom-made fir that finish agreeable fetishism. Vina J Lingerie shows elegant aggregation of sensuality and sentimentalism.


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