Heidi Klum “Takes Over” Elle Macpherson

October 19, 2014Posted by cyntiain News

Who does not know about Heidi Klum? Her name represents sexiness and beauty. And a kind of big news has come from her. Yes, Heidi Klum is ready to blow our minds away with her taking over from Elle Macpherson who is also known as her fellow supermodel.

Yes, Heidi is ready to become the new kid on the block in the field of lingerie. However, even though she is the new kid but he is not really that “new”. The possible cause of this take over is the latest news that Macpherson was reported to end the relationship which has been going for more than 25 year with Bendon. You need to know that Bendon is a great lingerie company in Australia and during such ending of the contract, one of the licensees state Heidi Klum as the part of it.

When Heidi is asked about this matter, she said that basically, there have been some companies that came to her and ask her to become the part of the company. However, she said no to those companies because she wanted to be with the people whose company is as big as they are, the establishment should also be so firm, and the success is out of the question.

And yes, 25 years of Elle Macpherson seem like the great deal for Heidi Klum. Some people might think that Heidi is only taking the great chance without any desire to deal with the effort because he just carries on what has been established before. Well, related to this, Heidi personally said that she does not want anybody to think that way. After all, it was not her to do the takeover. The company was the one to approach her and thus, it was really her decision to make the choice. So, it should be fine and she hopes that the people can understand about this.

At this point, Macpherson has already got at least three major lines for the underwear namely, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Macpherson Men, and also The Body. Soon, those lines will be expanded to America. Well, we can just simply wait for the next things to be done by Heidi Klum and also Macpherson.

For your information, this kind of news is actually not the first that involves Heidi and Macpherson. Back in 2006, Heidi was ever accused as stealing the nickname. At that moment, Macpherson had The Body and during the commercial, coincidentally, Heidi was also called with the same nickname.


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