A Trend of Middle-Aged Korean Women Who Look Younger Longer

February 19, 2014Posted by vomagzin News

The later comeback of performer Ko Hyun-jung, who is in her 30s yet looks 25, highlights a pattern of middle-aged Korean women who look more youthful longer, with a little help from eating regimen, activity and the surgeon’s blade. On-screen characters in their mid 40s like Lee Mi-sook and Hwang Shin-hye appear to be vigorous youthful women on TV, and conventional women are staying aware of the present.

Today’s middle-aged Korean women have failed the uniform perm and twinset, wearing their hair straight and long and dressing in easy attire. Fashioner boutiques for middle-aged women have been vanishing from outlet chains over the past couple of years. Galleria Department Store official Chu Eun-youthful says the store has no brand shops focusing on middle-aged women, and creator Seo Jeong-ki affirms that it has gotten insignificant to partition women’s form by age.

Specialists say that the middle-aged Korean women look more youthful since they keep up a strict health and magnificence administration. Social scientist Ham In-hee says the innovators are well-off women who put time and cash in themselves. Seoul’s riverside strolls clamor with practicing women, the mountains swarm with female climbers even on weekdays.

This is a worldwide pattern. U.s. creator Donna Karan says women get to be more complex however lose none of their sex claim as they get more seasoned. The International Herald Tribune as of late reported that American women in their 40s are redefining the age section by energetically seeking after their profession and a sound life.

Actress such as Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City,” supermodel Linda Evangelista and Chinese on-screen character Gong Li are the best illustrations – as lovely as their 20-something opponents, if not all the more along these lines, they are energetically pushing their vocations. The daily paper said the substantial waists and dull outfits generally connected with women in their 40s are continuously swapped by exercise centers and the energy for an improved life.


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