The Masculine Beard Styles Without Mustache Of 2015

July 28, 2015Posted by vanitain Men Clothing

A beard evokes images of masculinity and power to all those people who don’t have the nerve to wear a beard. Beards are a way to show status, strength, and power grown by men since a long time ago. But beards aren’t only a sign of masculinity, but they help you to shield your face from sunlight and stay you warm in the winter. The key to invoking jealousy and magnetism in the fairer sex is well-groomed beard so sport your beard conceitedly. Here are some beard styles without mustache for inspiration on your new look.

Short Boxed Beard

For those who don’t want to go the full beard path, an all-around solid beard style that works well is the short boxed beard. You need to work to maintain this carefully sculpted beard. It displays the cheekbones and helps to frame the jaw with defined edges and close crop. These beard styles without mustache can help give a stronger look to your face and are suitable for people that don’t have a conspicuous chin. It features hairline that doesn’t go all the way to the neck and lengthens just about an inch below the jawline. Professional look can be easily obtained by managers and other professionals with the short boxed beard. Oval, angular, round-shaped faces and heart-shaped faces can fit well with this style.

The Shadow

Men that have a good, brawny chin and can grow facial hair rapidly are ideal wearing these beard styles without mustache. To make it look like you have just too much manliness to ever get a well-brought-up shave is the trick of this style. Make sure it doesn’t look slipshod or untidy and give it shape at the same time to keep the beard tidy. To get the correct look, use good trimmer daily and to help draw round your jaw, trim just under the jaw line.

Tight Beard

You need to use a trimmer setting of about 2 millimeters that close on the face to make the tight beard. Certain specialty beard trimming shears are good investment to create the most professional look. You need to be able to grow hair upper up on the jawbone to add definition and strong character to the face when making the beard. The tight beard ends halfway up the cheek and evenly joins impartially with the line of the mustache. To prevent it from getting too long as it grows out, you need to pay special attention to these beard styles without mustache.


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