The History of Pea Coats For Men

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Today, you will be shown an article about pea coats for men by explaining the history of this classic garment, the development of pea coats for men in the US, UK and other countries.

Unlike the history of the Trench Coat which has been more defined, the origins of pea coats for men are more ambiguous. Meanwhile, there are a couple of version of the pea coats for men story that you can find out there, so this article will share there here to see which one makes the suitable sense to you. Like a lot of garments, the history of pea coats for men may not be true but it has left a massive impression on the classic fashion.

The Dutch Version

The Oxford Dictionary notes that the origin of the pea jacket or pea coats for men was in the early 18th century which is claiming that the word pea coat or pea jacket was derived from the Dutch word pijakker which comes from ‘pij’ for coat and ‘jekker’ for jacket. The substitution from ‘jekker’ to ‘jakker’ was related to the word of jacket which is described by the dictionary. Since the Dutch were a power of naval back in the day, and the pea coats for men are related with seafaring commonly, it seems like the jacket was from Netherlands.

The Reefer Version

It probably safes to say that the US Navy adopted the Pea coat from the Royal British Navy. A couple of people claim that the pea coats for men were originally designed for reefers which were the sailors who had to climb the riggings of sailing ships. Meanwhile, you probably know the term of reefer coat which describes a double breasted navy coat which is close fitting and short which the wearer is allowed to climb the ropes. This theory makes sense for other people but unfortunately, there is no any historic evidence for this story which has been found.

Tailor and Cutter Version

Back in the day, the Tailor and Cutter used to be the greatest leading tailor trade magazine in England around 19th century. Tailor and Cutter were published weekly and focus on cutting and tailoring. It also has fashion trends and etiquette. In October 1868 Tailor and Cutter designed a Prince of Wales Jacket which characterized as a loose double breasted jacket which is completed with two cross pockets, three pairs of buttons and wide piping.


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